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Cross-border law -

International corporate and commercial law 

"The future lies in recognizing opportunities before everyone else does."
(Alexander Rappl, Lawyer)

Our mission:

Our services include:

Our goal:

Through our strict business focus and our internal network of legal, corporate and tax consultants, we are able to analyze complex problems in an integrated manner and find optimal solutions. As a member of AGN International, we can also meet the international requirements of our clients with the support of our professional colleagues abroad.  

  • Contract, trade and business law
  • Start-up consulting
  • Corporate finance and strategic planning
  • M&A and due diligence
  • Legal support of buy- / sell-side transactions
  • Receivables management and collection
  • Insolvency, restructuring and reorganisation
  • Crime prevention, compliance
  • Arbitration proceedings & legal settlements
  • Employment law and professional negligence
  • Insurance and damage claims

To focus on customer needs and bundle all the disciplines of our firm -  legal, consulting and compliance  services - in order to quickly and professionally find the best solutions. 

AGN International Ltd (and its regional affiliates; together "AGN") is a not-for-profit worldwide membership association of separate and independent accounting and advisory businesses. AGN does not provide services to the clients of its members, which are provided by Members alone. AGN and its Members are not in partnership together, they are neither agents of nor obligate one another, and they are not responsible or liable for each other's services, actions or inactions.

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Alexander Rappl
Specialist in trade and 
corporate law

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