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Today´s economy- 
The globalisation of SMEs

„Today‘s economy no longer has national boundaries.“ 
(Dr. Bernd Waffler, 
Public Accountant/Tax Advisor)

As a medium-sized company you are crossing national borders on a regular basis, may it be through the active development of your international markets or contact with foreign customers, suppliers and authorities.

The internationalization of your business often begins by posting employees abroad, followed by setting up a permanent establishment or foreign subsidiary. All of this impacts your value-driven management systems.

Our international services include the following:

  • Supervision and support for staff relocation
  • Set-up of foreign branches or subsidiaries
  • International tax law
  • International commercial and corporate law
  • Accounting and assurance
  • Support for multinational groups
  • International financial reporting

Our AGN International membership provides us with access to a global association of experts in corporate, legal and tax consulting. International business comes with opportunities and risks. With a comprehensive strategy, the risks can be mitigated without limiting your opportunities.



We are registered with the PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board), the oversight authority for US-CPA’s. We can hence audit and engage with US public companies, brokers and dealers.

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Dr. Bernd Waffler
Public Accountant/Tax Advisor

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