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Consulting in preparation for filing for bankruptcy

"In the context of preparing the documents to file for bankruptcy, we help you to find the suitable type of procedure for you."
(Stefan Schwindl, Public Accountant/Tax Advisor)

Managing directors are particularly obliged to meet their obligations when a company is in crisis.  Simple actions of omitting to take necessary measures can quickly lead to legal liability or even penalties. 

That’s why it is very important for a managing director to know how to act or what not to do. 

The fact is: Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

To avoid penal and liability risks, the managing director is immediately obligated to file for bankruptcy in the case of insolvency or excess of liabilities over assets.

However: Filing for bankruptcy can mean different things.  Under certain prerequisites, the instrument of debtor in possession can be used to ensure that the managing director does not lose control of the business. Furthermore, this type of procedure avoids the words “bankruptcy” and “insolvency”, which have a negative connotation.

Don’t let your company crisis become your own. You can rely on our lawyers’ expertise here as well (legal advice – bankruptcy law and reorganisation)!

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