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Municipal commercial law

"Call in an experienced partner to be at your side. That way mistakes can be avoided early on and you keep hold of the reins."
(Ingo Gramling, Lawyer)

The efficient structuring and organisation for the fulfilment of economic tasks poses a great challenge to municipalities. There is no other area of municipal operation in which the regulatory requirements of administrative law are so overlaid and dominated by regulations which do not pertain to public service as they are here. Besides civil law and tax law, there are also provisions according to European law with which it is imperative to comply.

Issues with which our lawyers support municipalities and municipal policy-makers include the following:

  • Choice and arrangement of the ideal legal form
  • Legal, tax-related and economic optimisation of agreements
  • Preparation of articles of association
  • Determining the competencies of the organs (managing director, supervisory board)
  • Training and support for elected municipal officers
  • Public aid and subsidies, particularly in connection with the right to state aid in the EU
  • Support with legal and tax issues for commercial businesses 

We combine extensive know-how from the ongoing consulting and support of companies with precise knowledge of legal provisions for municipalities and relevant experience in the public sector, and therefore regard ourselves as the ideal partner for the municipal economy in every respect.

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