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Laws relating to economic and fiscal offences

"In our role as defence lawyers it is particularly important to us 
never to lose sight of the personal situation of those concerned."
(Alexander Rappl, Lawyer)

There is no other field of law which puts such a profound strain on the entrepreneur as the laws relating to economic and fiscal offences. The orders of payment in arrears are high in most cases, and are also generally accompanied by personal penalties. Besides using profound knowledge of the law, the lawyer’s exacting task is to deal competently and systematically with tax fraud investigators, customs officials, public prosecutors and courts.  

Our lawyers will help you with the following:

  • Defence in legal proceedings concerning economic and fiscal offences
  • Searches by the tax fraud investigation department
  • Issuing of reports concerning false or incomplete tax declarations
  • Support with customs proceedings
  • Representation in the case of torts in connection with insolvency, social insurance contributions and balance sheets
  • Enforcement of claims in the case of fraudulent damage by third-parties
  • Prevention by means of ideal consulting, arranging actions and creating agreements

Due to the great number of complex laws, it is often difficult to identify illegal actions. Take preventative action early. Should you nevertheless end up in the hands of the judicial authorities, contact our specialists at MTG Commercial Law Firm immediately.

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