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Bankruptcy law and reorganisation

"With our help you’ll avoid a crisis and liability as a result of measures initiated early on."
(Anja Kalhamer, Lawyer)

Increasing market fluctuations and paying habits that are becoming steadily poorer tip many entrepreneurs off balance. An entrepreneur’s highest goal in a crisis must then be to exit the crisis with well-planned reorganisation, avert bankruptcy and also avoid personal liability. In addition to aspects of bankruptcy law, company law and penal law, management consulting plays a huge role in this phase.

With our interdisciplinary approach at MTG Commercial Law Firm, we guide you purposefully through this difficult phase of your company and support you as follows:

  • Planning and implementing reorganisation measures
  • Defending against claims by third parties
  • Avoiding liability of organs
  • Defence with regard to bankruptcy offences
  • Developing concepts with bankruptcy scenarios
  • Assessing the existence of reasons for filing for bankruptcy
  • Developing financing strategies

There are often several reasons why a company is in crisis.  Don’t let your company crisis become your own. Even in situations that are extremely precarious for your company, there is generally still undetected leeway that makes it possible to get through the crisis.  Our core competency lies in sounding out this leeway and making use of it.

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