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Banking and capital market law

"It’s exasperating to lose money, but it’s unforgiveable not to get it back again."
(Matthias Käsbauer, Lawyer)

Banking and capital market law is becoming increasingly complex. It is shaped by incalculable market fluctuations on the one hand and a marked bias towards case law on the other. The number of judicial disputes concerning banking and capital market law is steadily rising for this very reason. Only if you receive competent advice from a lawyer can you increase your chances of success.  

Our lawyers represent financial institutions, companies and investors by justifying or enforcing their claims in the following areas:  

  • Collateral security rights (debt guarantees, land charges, mortgages, assignments as collateral, etc.)
  • Banking contract law
  • Liabilities of banks and brokers (speculative transactions)
  • Prospectus liability
  • Advice and representation in the context of alternative forms of financing (e.g., silent partnerships, issue of profit-participation certificates and bonds, leasing, factoring)
  • Representation in cases of securities fraud 

Banking and capital transactions are a confidential matter. However, depending on the capital investment made, the existence of an entire company or family may be at risk. So don’t just rely on trust - place your livelihood in the professional hands of MTG Commercial Law Firm.

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